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Everyone in this world is addicted to something or the other, some are good and most are bad, but what’s more important is restricting that practice when you come to know it not worth the effort that you put in. So was my habit of playing video games until a few years ago, just like any other kid/teenager or now-a-days even adults. Comparitively though my play hours were less than my classmates or my cousins, I surely did over play. Let’s see why I realised that was it dangerous and had to restrict myself.

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I have been that kid who grew up in a time period when it was the begining of development of games. I have played the early Mario games to the present day PUBG and Black Ops 4. The transistion from every game to the other was astonishing and it still is. The better it got with its features the more people, especially kids, had been drawn under the gaming community and I was one among them. But I too did realise that these games that provided me with so much fun and kept me engagaing practically did nothing at all at the end of the day. I was busy doing an activity that did not provide me any worthy reward of payback and for anyone who are addicted to games except that you wish to pursue gaming as a career. Globally, not even 2% of people who play games pursue them as their career. Obiviously games are a great entertainment, but getting addicted to it, forgetting our destiny and failing to work towards it will sure lead to a failure which will be very hard for a rebound.

Also I am very much aware you all will know the health issues that we will suffer in case we over do gaming but still we stick on to that, probably that’s why it’s called an addiction, as much as to drugs, drinking and smoking. But there is one much different thing I wish to share. To all those who think that the professional streamers who are playing games and streaming them live for over 10 hours a day too will have to suffer in case it’s going to create health issues, you might be wrong, because they carry out activities to relax both the body and the soul ( I too was in awe when I came to know that they are taking  precautive measures to safe guard their health, but YES, they are doing it, just like any celebrity who pose for a product in ads never use them. ) I am not sure whether every streamer does this, but I have seen the interview scripts of few where they have mentioned that after a stream of 10 hours or so the first thing that they do is take a nap for 1.5 – 2 hours. Then they play some outdoor games or atleast do something that makes them sweat and meet real life people to have a chat. And every mornings they used to energise themselves either by jogging, swimmimg, yoga, jumba dance,etc.

You might wonder why I have stated what they are doing and what good could these do to them, well then here you go and all of them proven to be practically proven to be helpful, the 2 hours of nap is for complete restoration and distribution of energy, that is. to regularlise the metabolic activities of the body and also as a rest, especially for the eyes and the brain. The human body has to sweat in order to remove away the waste and to keep the body functional. As of for a normal kid/teenager who is still in middle/high school, they still have to decide their passion, set their destiny and work for it. Also, their life is never like the streamers, every day routine would be like, waking up in the morning, attend school, after returning home play all through until it’s late night and then again back to school the next day. So where exactly is there time to relax, spend time with real life people and do stuffs that were going to prove more value in the later part of their life. These are those people who were as game addicted kids, are most vulnerable preys in the real world.

And when it comes to the reason for the chat with real life people, it’s something deep and psychological. What the experts say is that, game addiction makes people most prone to psychological disorders than other health issues. This is because with the world being so competitive and rugged the most important survival factor is the courage to face difficulties. In any game for this matter, what actually happens is that a character is being controlled by us, it does what we ask it to do, there is no one else to question us but that’s not the true world, what happens in games are just virtual. A survey in California results are so shocking because as much as 88% of children in high school who regularly play games do not even have the courage to ask a stranger for an address and do other simple activites. Confining oneself into a room and playing all through the day earns us only the reward of cowardice. Also many lack the face to face talking, people find it easy to text or even speak over phone but are never comfortable in meeting and more over with voice overs being possible especially in battle royale games, people find it easy to communicate to some unknown person because we will never have to worry whether we are hurting them or not but such a thing never works with people who we care about or who cares for us.

However, I do not complain about all games, there are games that can improve the thinking capabilty like detective games, puzzles, etc., but I never ventured into those as I probably know that no one playsthem and if anyone loves playing such games then they do not require anything I have written above as they are already in the right path !!! Limited playing time and focussing more on what leads the way to our destiny and working towards it to uplift our lives in the real world rather trying to rank up/level up in a game is all that is needed to have a blissful life.


Ghost – 13

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Practically speaking this will be my 13th blog post. So why not write about something about the number 13 that has some controversial beliefs. Also we will look at some movies and games that have their relation to this number. Yet another question why almost all ghosts are portrayed by a female character is not known.

Some believe this is unlucky because one of those thirteen, Judas Iscariot, was the betrayer of Jesus Christ. From the 1890s, a number of English language sources relate the “unlucky” thirteen to an idea that at the Last Supper, Judas, the disciple who betrayed Jesus, was the 13th to sit at the table. In the novel, an unscrupulous broker takes advantage of the superstition to create a Wall Street panic on a Friday the 13th. A suggested origin of the superstition—Friday, 13 October 1307, the date Philip IV of France arrested hundreds of the Knights Templar—may not have been formulated until the 20th century.

Japan has 5 indigenious unlucky numbers. Traditionally, 4 is unlucky because it is sometimes pronounced shi ,which is the word for death. Sometimes levels or rooms with 4 don’t exist in hospitals or hotels. Particularly in the maternity section of a hospital, the room number 43 is avoided because it can literally mean “stillbirth”. In cars and racing, number 42 which sounds like shini (to death) and 49, which sounds like shiku (to run over) are avoided. When giving gifts such as plates, they are normally in sets of three or five, never four.Number 9 is sometimes pronounced ku — with the same pronunciation as agony or torture. The number 13 is occasionally thought of as unlucky, although this is imported from Western culture.

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The origin of this belief could be traced in the writing of number 17, in Roman numerals: XVII. By shuffling the digits of the number one can easily get the word VIXI (“I have lived”, implying death in the present), an omen of bad luck. In fact, in Italy, 13 is generally considered a lucky number.


In Shia Islam, the number 13 signifies the 13th day of the month of Rajab (the Lunar calendar), which is the birth of Imam Ali. Number 13 also is a total of 1 Prophet and 12 Imams in the Islamic School of Thought. However, in Sunni Islam, the number 13 bears no symbolic significance.

Greek Beliefs In ancient Greece, Zeus was the thirteenth and the most powerful God of the Greek mythology. Thus, 13 is the symbol of incorruptible nature, power and purity. 13 Is For Spiritual Completion 13 is prime number and hence it can only be divisible by itself. Hence it is a complete number in itself. Thus 13th is the symbol of totality, completion and attainment.

Thai Beliefs The Thai new year is celebrated on the 13th of April. It is considered as an auspicious day when all the bad omens are washed away by splashing water on people.

Extreme Contrary Belief :-

In the present day, the number 13 is believed to be unlucky in Hinduism but the mythology, that everyone trusts in, has something else for us. Hindu Beliefs 13th day of any month is an extremely auspicious day according to Hinduism. 13th day is Trayodashi according to the Hindu calendar. This day is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The Pradosh Vrat observed in the honour of Lord Shiva usually falls on the 13th day of the month. The person who worships Lord Shiva on this day is blessed with wealth, children, happiness and prosperity. Hence, 13th is considered one of the most fruitful day of the month according to Hindu beliefs. Also Maha Shivaratri is also celebrated on the 13th night of the Magha month which is considered very sacred and holy for everyone. Thus, if we do not fall in line with the Western views, then number 13 is nothing more than just a number. On contrary, if we look into our own Hindu beliefs, 13th can be the most luckiest day of your life.

Movies in relation to Number 13 :-

Many movies have been created truly based on this number or have been given significant relation to this number in the story. Here a few among them.

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13 Days

Airplane – The plane docks at Gate 13.

Batman – 13 people die from contaminated products created by the Joker.

Battlestar Galactica – Earth is the 13th lost colony.

Believer – On screen title “13 YEARS LATER”.

The English Patient – The onscreen title reads “November 13, 1942”.

Entrapment – “13 Days until the end of the World” is scrawled on a sheet of paper.

Friday the 13th series

Resident Evil – Red Queen states, “the infection would have spread to cover the United States within 13 days”.

Spartan – “Rule #13: Every night you will be told where to Meet. If Surrounded by

The Time Machine – The dial of the time machine stops on “13 September 1917”.

Thirteen Ghosts – The use of the number 13 is clearly related to its supernatural significance and as opposed to the number 12 as in the 12 signs in astrology.

THX 1138 – This is the first film George Lucas ever made and 1+1+3+8 = 13. As mentioned this number also shows up in his best know series of films, Star Wars. Man states “command 13”.

[ P.S. I have shortlisted 13 examples ); ]

Games in relation to number 13:-

Many games have also been inspired by the number 13. Here are a few among them.

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Friday the 13th

13 Ghosts


Conjuring House




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There is also this belief that when a black cat crosses our path it is a sign of bad omen. In Germany, it is considered ill luck if only the cat crosses from right to left. I personally believe that all these beliefs are out most stupidity and its only a matter of our mind to still consider them as such. A cat crossing your path is just like you crossing its path, just give a whistle of kindness, it will repay its kindness with a meow and a purr. And as of for a number, it’s just a number, I don’t mean to hurt anyone’s belief but worrying so much for things so silly might prove to be a set back from focussing on matters of concern. And even if there exists real ghosts, waiting to rip off people, it will only be against people who were dishonest and unloyal. Stay good and spread good vibes.

Men and Women are NOT EQUAL !!

The instant any women sees this topic the typical reaction would probably be calling the police and informing that she had found a male chauvinist and feminist groups would rush from nowhere to voice in their support. Woah! Wait! Take a deep breath, read the article and then do comment if there are any issues. ( Every thing said here doesn’t apply to all men and women, it is only for those who are in the way as stated )

The debate on equality of genders has always been there and is still continuing because such an equality has not been established globally. In the olden days when British were ruling us, it is stated the women were deprived of their education and were house arrested but what actually was the reason for that ? Have any of you wondered about that ? The soul reason was to safeguard women from the brutal Britishers who leagalised brothel at that time. But since this kind of protection was continued for over 250 years until we got freedom it became a practice bringing a black mark to the genuine reason of why women were not sent out. Could we just give up on something so easily that we got used to over months, think about years !? But now slowly things are changing and women get their share of what they are and what they want to be in the society ( Not a rapid development though ).

In India, right from an infant, when you literally know nothing about the world, you will be categorised based on caste, religion, gender, societal status, etc.,etc.,etc. Each and every tag that we are stamped to during our birth should never be the reason for our diversity. It was a part of us, may or may not be in the future, we have to realize the purpose of our birth and live to it.

Practically speaking men and women can be given equal rights in doing things but do you think they can be given equal responsibilities ? I am not trying to be dominant but for example let’s take the case of drinking liquor, men were most prone to this habit then came the feminist groups with the slogan “If man can and will, then why not us?” and now there is a tremendous rise in the women drinkers. On the basis of health factor, both men and women are affected but women are way more affected and the genetic modification that are caused in their reproductive system can pass on to generations to come. This has been proved by doctors that the offspring is most affected when the female drinks. The only one whom you can blame in this issue is the Lord for having created your body tolerance in such a manner.

When I say men and women cannot be given equal responsibilities, I know you are going to give me the names of women achievers who did excel more than men in all fields for that matter. Forget about the popular personalities, Bhawana Kanth the first Indian women fighter pilot , Bachendri Pal the first Indian women to conquer Mt.Everest in 1984, Kavita Devi the only Indian women who could make it to the WWE. Also it was the women crew who did bring some glory to India in the 2016 Olympics when men failed to bag medals. I can give way lot unique examples than you, but that’s not the point I am trying to insist. When speaking on a much wider scale, the jobs that men and women do can never be same, they can never perform an equal task, they can only do an equivalent task. I am never saying that women are inferior because of this, they are the best of what they are, but this insecure feeling within them, when others say you can’t do something hard, is what is causing the outbursts and they become hell-bent in doing something that is very much higher than their power and collpase badly when things get worse.

I am openly against any women harassment but that also doesn’t stop me from voicing against women who categorise themselves under the tag Feminists and demand for equal rights and not equal responsibilities because honestly they themselves know they will not be able to equal jobs. A recent problem that was putforth both in the Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha is that issue of considering both men and women equal and providing 50% reservation in all the sectors of the country. I would call this as a most stupid and cunning move by the feminists and the government, and moreover it’s totally illogical, obviously men and women are considered equal but when it comes to working in a place it’s the qualities and skills that has to be tested for proving worthy of that job. Where does gender or caste or religion play it’s importance in the job ? Ok fine, even when we are allocating a reservation for women ( previously it was 27% and now increased to 33% ) the demand for 50% would be absolutely correct on the basis of equality but it would ultimately lead to a chaos as 50% of the seats is for women who make up only 25% of the applicants and the rest 50% is for men who constitute 75% of the applicants, now would you or would you not call this unfair ?

Even the less qualified women would get the job and the qualified men would not. This is not the right methodology for increasing women participation as a citizen in a society. That’s why the concept of equivalent reservation is to be preferred and the reservation varies depending upon the participants ratio.

In South India, the current hot issue is between groups that are fighting for and against about allowing women to the Sabarimalai ( Lord Ayappan Hill ) temple. The reason putforth for not allowing is because it was in our customs ( mythological reason, many won’t understand if write it ), but the actual reason why this is was not there is because, back in those days the path leading to the temple is a rough terrain and highly unsafe because it a dense forest just like any other hill temple. Even Tirupati , Velliangiri Temple, etc. were the same but now having developed the path these hill temples are accessible. So as I said, having been developed the pathway can be easier than before but the terrain can get worse anytime since it’s a forest. So if a women wants to visit such a place, stopping her by giving some superficial stories is not acceptable and highly condemnable but again if there is any safety issues because of terrain don’t blame the men for not trying and making it smooth.

I am never against any women working, earning and spending their lives as they please, that is the growth, their identity that I never wish to hinder, but I wish to insist that the way they compare themselves to men and compete with them with that feeling of inferority is totally meaningless as not all men have a grudge seeing the development and growth of women. Development of women is always appreciated but the way develop is also important, go check out my other article on the topic “Has the women’s empowerment headed the right way ?” where I have talked about many matters of concern about women misusing their freedom ( Never saying men are right, only applies to those who are one of the kind )


Jealousy: Some mint money and why not to worry about it ?

Every individual in this world once born grows up, overcoming various hurdles and finally ends up or rather has to end up in a job whether liking or not to suffice the needs. And in our life we always come across people who are rolling in riches while we see ourselves just as an ordinary office going man who works all though the day throughout the year and barely earn what is a week’s salary of those hot shots, it’s totally disheartening.

A practical example that I have personally witnessed, a highly qualified talented post graduate engineer is paid a maximum of 2 lakhs per month and also he is in the risk of directly given pink card if he is not found profitable and fails to prove himself consequitively for more than 3 times. Whereas on the other hand say a normal business man, who has the highest degree of just an high school degree having just a stationary shop in one of the remote places of chennai makes a profit of over 3 lakhs per month. There sure can be a dip in the business but it not going to be the end and when it rises again it’s going to give him back more than what it had taken from him. This thought someone earning more than us having an inferior qualification as compared to us has always been in our minds and is also one of the reasons for our under performance.

The main reason why I thought of writing about such a topic is because I too am one among you just feeling jealous, though not hatred, of such people. It took me a while to understand it’s worthless to worry about something that is beyond our power to make a change. Moreover it’s one’s own wish to follow the path of his interest to lead the life.

I know that money is not the only matter of concern in life but it’s something that we need eventually to live a life in the first place then comes leading it in the way we love to. Some people though wish to do something different like not willing to follow the crowd wouldn’t have been possible because of social, economic and other hierarchial factors that has always been a part of our Indian system, now being called as “Societal Hitches To Development”

When it’s business people on one side making money, the other side minting money has always been the entertainment industry. With the development in the network sector making it possible to reach out the maximum audience it not only the actors and sports person but also these social media streamers especially gaming videos on YouTube and Twitch earn monthly what’s a 10 years salary of extremely high paid engineer or scientist that too having zero knowledge of maths and science and not knowing how tough it would have been to master them. I am not against these streamers but just feel that there is an high imbalance of pay with respect to qualification ( Yes, of course I am jealous, you can’t deny you are not, but the fact is, this is not going to take us anywhere, so it’s up to us to control this emotion of ours ).

As you may think I exaggerated about streamers, I may well tell you a few persons income that comes via streaming. Everyone is aware of Shroud, ChocoTaco, Wadu ( PUBG players ) ; Ninja, Faze Tfue , Drake ( FORTNITE players ) ; who all easily earn above 3 lakhs USD per month with Ninja making it to the headlines of the ‘ Business Insider ‘ by his earnings of more than 5 lakh USD per month.

It seems that they get paid 2.50 USD per subscriber in Twitch and converting the subscribers of Ninja into actual figures it comes to about 3 lakh USD per month. The donations done during the streaming add as the secondary income and on an average these streamers earn about 1500 USD to 4500 USD playing 40 hours a week. These streamers also post the gameplay or highlights of it on YouTube and subscriptions and views add to their income. Ninja has 1,68,94,921 subscribers on YouTube as of this moment and has an average of 65,000 views per video. Also the ads that are played in between the videos and being made the brand ambassadors of a company they earn money on percentage basis. For example, Shroud is the ambassador of Cloud9. There is one another school going lad ‘Typical Tard’ who posts videos of Free Fire on YouTube, had a tremendous rise in subscribers from 100 to a whooping 70,000 in just a matter of 5 months.

As a normal human being, I now have a kind of mixed feeling that I don’t think I can express in words. But one important thing that I would like to express is ” NEVER EVER GET DETERRED WHEN YOU COME ACROSS NEWS LIKE THIS. JUST TRY TO BE THE BEST OF WHERE, WHAT & WHOM YOU ARE ”

One’s ultimate aim, as to what I think should be, is to live a life to its fullest. It’s not about how much we earn, it’s not about how popular we are, it’s not about how we can flaunt with our exclusive items, life is all about honest earning and not hesitating the help the needy when a situation arises. This is what is true earning and this is what that will count to eternity.


This word has always been the most controversial in today’s world, that has led to the opposition of such a development and the current scenario is that we are in a state of outmost dilemma as life now is going to be miserable with it or without it. The obvious reason being the difference between the actual meaning and the practical application of it.

In theory it referred to as an innovation or an enhancement of something that would make life easier to live without any losses incurred.

Technology might be a newer term that was termed to the developments being successfully accomplished but the roots of it’s regime began from the moment people started to think about easing life, from the moment people found out fire. It’s growing ever since and is ever expanding because we can see the immense amount of money being invested for example, in alternative fuels for vehicles, space research, etc.

But the biggest question is whether do we spend the time in trying to find out things that are necessary ? Does the new innovation being stated really helps in easing out our lives ? Or is it just that our inventions have an even bigger drawback so we have to solve that problem which is only leading to a bigger drawback ??

Let us take an example to understand this; In olden days, a computer would be in the size of a room and making it would be costly and any repairs needed very long time, also the efficiency would be very less. Later after correcting each drawback we have now landed with a computer that we can carry in our pockets. This has for sure has improvement in it’s working and availability. But this has also caused major disaster to people making them easily prone to health issues due the radiation emitted by it. These cellphones have now become an inseparable part of our livelihood but is also a demon that’s along with us always. Now you judge whether such a device is a boon or a bane ?

As an alternative to the conventional gasoline and diesel we have now put forth the idea using electricity stored in batteries which we all think is a safer fuel as it does not cause pollution is even more dangerous as the mining of Lithium to be used in batteries is marked as the second most hazardous mining. Also the disposal of batteries is something close to impossible. We could never blame for the invention of vehicles as without which the word ‘ travelling ‘ wouldn’t have existed but having done that we are now in a fix of what to do, either we completely stop commuting which is totally not possible or find out an alternative powering for which electric power is not a solution.

I also feel that we are spending or rather wasting far too more money on unnecessary research like space exploration. Practically speaking , I totally support for research on satellites but why do we need to worry about whether there is water in Mars or what is the composition of soil in Jupiter or about these fictional movie concepts of teleportation and time travel ? When we have so much problems to look up to right back here, on Earth where the life is possible, we must try to find ways of betterment without any harmful consequences, rather we worry life possibilities in the surrounding planets because it’s totally worthless, even if it’s found possible are we going to transfer half of Earth’s population over there, it is practically possible ?

I do not mean to pick only on the negative aspects of technology, I am aware of the so many benefits of it. I am aware of how much this could help during calamity situations. But I worry about is it’s consequences are far more dangerous as much as it can prove to be handy. We are often led into research by the fantasies of imagination, rather we must understand what is actually needed and ought to follow the reality.

Air Pollution : The Current Scenario

Don’t judge a book by its cover. – Proverb

On a first look , anyone ( including me ) would call it a 4th grade essay topic and its a child’s play to write about something like this. I greatly feel that its not about what topic you choose to speak on but the way you express your thoughts. Also its said that it requires exquisite talent to say simple things in a well established way. Let’s me show my capability and you judge.

Air pollution has not been a cause of concern just now. Its ill effects began during the time we call ‘ early humans ‘ period when they discovered the production of fire ( Not taking into account of natural causes ). Earlier we had forests which restricted the spread of the hazardous gases. As of now , we have not only increased the pollution producing methods but also reduced the forest cover to a great extent. I ain’t detailing the causes and prevention methods because I am very much sure everyone will be aware of it and moreover here I am trying to give in a few untouched points about this common topic.

In the recent times , China is being considered as the biggest competitor in the global market on the basis of its drastic economic development but most of us often fail to see that its also the place which has the most polluted air and water.What should a Chinese citizen be proud at , for a well industrialized country or a poor environment ??

Where as in India , its the capital Delhi , where living one day is considered equal to smoking 12 cigarettes ( It has proved itself worthless to call itself a country’s capital considering not just this issue ). Industrialization is inevitable for a sustainable growth of a country but minimization of its unhealthy effects is what we lack.

Air pollution also paves way for a lot of health issues both to pregnant women and the infancies to a larger extent. Medical results show that exposure of pregnant women to pollution during the first 3 months of pregnancy can lead to disastrous results like miscarriage , insufficient brain development of the baby , babies born with poor immune system and so many other complications. In today’s world , where women have equal participation in the work force battalion , its difficult to restrict their traveling during their pregnancy but something that must be done. Smoking during early years of pregnancy in many cases has lead to fetus death.

We are taking steps on banning crackers that is burst once a year during diwali as a major reason for air pollution whereas giving permission to various MNC industries that functions all 365 days not even monitoring whether they treat the exhaust gas before releasing it into the atmosphere. What cheap politics we do for money…disgusting. The Hindu festival Pongal too is contributing for the one day massacre of ruining the pleasant morning scenario.When we are against the MNC’s then we must also be against our traditional practices if its going to damage our nature.

We have started utilizing electric power to run vehicles as it produces almost 0% pollution. Great people all over the world have started supporting this idea and the entire automotive industry have began their work hoping to bring out a new boom in the operation mode of commutation. I do wonder how the electricity is initially produced , from the burning of fossil fuels only right and increase in electric cars only increases the air pollution indirectly. But fossil fuels are declining and are available only for a maximum of 40 years and then most probably we would switch to nuclear power as they are more efficient forgetting how fatal it could be if mishandled. Instead we could develop ways of efficient harnessing of renewable resources.

Our everyday activities is contributing to the deterioration of our nature , intensities vary , but the effect is acute . In order to completely prevent this one has to go back to the period where only farming was an option to survive with no buildings , no industries , no aircrafts , nothing at all which is highly impossible. So the least we could do is controlling our unfair means of living. Doing so we , for sure , cannot make a change as great people say , we could only give this place to our future generations in a less diseased manner.

Is The Women’s Empowerment Headed The Right Way ???

The moment I thought about expressing my views about this topic , I personally questioned myself that ” Am I influenced by the concept of male chauvinism ?? “. But still , when I come across a few issues that are both read in newspapers and personally seen I could somehow make sure that they occur due to the advantage ( women’s misused equality ) given to them.

On a personal note , I don’t care if am abused or criticized for writing this article , because the struggle undergone to obtain equality among genders has been marked as an important historical event , something that one cannot deny, which I wish to be harnessed in a productive way and couldn’t just tolerate seeing it going in shatters ( doesn’t mean that men are in right track ). Nothing I specify here is generalized , its specific to those kinds of girls who exist as mentioned.

Let me start of with a personal experience , once I was going on my bike and there was a regular traffic police check-up. That’s when I saw a girl who didn’t wear a helmet and was caught by the police and demanded fine from her. Where there were also other people just like her being fined for the same reason she suddenly started crying and the police unable to even say anything let her go. Of course men do have a soft corner towards their women counterpart ( including myself ) but some women do make a habit of it and use that crying thing as a weapon to get things done. There are also situations when women crashes into someone in traffic and instantaneously tears drop , leaves the victim speechless , women escape. And one of the most irritating thing that most women do that I personally go mad at is driving dead slow right in the middle of the road , but its that thought that we never cuss any women as we do to men ( forget about rash drivers ).

Before the British colonized India men and women were given the same equality to education and property. The motive of not allowing the females to leave the house was just to protect them from the British who legalized the practice of prostitution in India to much wider access ( Though its been existing since king’s rule ). But still women were provided education at their homes itself and this too was forced to stop when a situation arose of sufficing one’s stomach became an Herculean task. So girls not being idle , were helping their mothers at their household works. The women were not given property rights because when the British demanded any of the landlords property but they don’t wish to sell them , the British would go to any extent to extract it from them ( just like those shown in movies ). This has been in a regular practice for more than 2 centuries that we forgot the reason for depriving women of their rights and the cunning male dominant society made use of that to benefit themselves.

The present day scenario is never like this , women having given their chance ( not uniform but constantly rising ) , they are independent , working in all professional field , succeeding tremendously over men but at times even development leads to destruction of the root cause for which it was built.

I think the picture clearly depicts what I wish to say ( Not at all trying to justify men drinking and smoking ) . With the power of equality women have now started to drink and smoke thinking that when men can , why not women.

Firstly , I cannot ask any women to quit those practices because I don’t have the rights to do so in a democratic country which offers equal rights to men as to women.

Secondly , demanding such an equality is fine but they never know the consequences , that is the difference between a man and a woman drinking.

Considering a social drinker example and physical condition issue , when a man drinks he only spoils his body parts but when a woman drinks not only she spoils her body parts but also she creates a critical situation to her offspring. Its been scientifically proven that alcohol could deteriorate the quality of the mother’s milk which in turn will not provide the child with the sufficient nutrients required. So it just not ends with herself its ill effects are passed through generations.

The next thing I would like to insist upon would be the women adapting themselves to the foreign tradition of dressing ( again I don’t have the right to question ). Of course I accept that a saree too is as much as provocative as that of any of the modern dresses. Its the men’s mentality of idolizing women lusty that has to be changed in this issue because no difference occurs be it a saree or salwar or tight jeans. But with the influence of media and craze for the tradition of Western countries people generally are moving towards it. The fact is that a modern dress tempts a man more than a saree or a salwar , which cannot be denied because he is also a human with feelings too right ??

Women have become independent but everyday in the newspaper we read about incidents where chains being snatched from women and horrible incidents of them being kidnapped , raped , killed while returning from the work place have always terrified me. I personally feel that during their childhood instead of teaching them singing or dancing they must be taught some kind of martial arts to protect themselves because one cannot always hope for any external help.

The age old practice of dowry as compared to other practices has not lost its momentum even with the development. The number of love and inter caste marriages have also increased to a larger extent but often leads to divorce ( larger ratio as compared to that arranged marriages )and reason stated is because of the ego that exist between husband and wife ( pre marriage the lovers were independent and post marriage they still wish to be the same as they were before but they fail to understand that the basis of marriage is sharing the sacrifice of one partner to the other ).

It took me quite a long time to develop a voice and now that I have it I am not going to be silent.
– Madeleine Albright

Living the life you wish can never be questioned but ultimately to prove that you are so much more different from merely existing , your actions have to be to develop a much stronger nation at least a stronger community . Just because you have the power doesn’t mean you are above them. Violation of the given freedom doesn’t justify the sole reason for your immense struggles and fights.

You blamed the male society as drunk yards , as cheaters on girls , as problem creators on roads , as gold diggers , as stress producers in work place , as heartless towards their counterparts and gained the freedom , so just take a minute to think how different are you now from them when you were given the same benefit of equality ?? What difference have been brought ?? What changed ?? Aren’t you one amongst the problem creators now ?? Who is to be blamed ?? The giver or the taker ?? You choose….and be wise….